The Monadnock Youth Coalition helps create a nurturing, inclusive community for youth to learn, grow, build resiliency and make healthy life choices in the Monadnock Region.

So, what is the

Monadnock Youth Coalition?

New Hampshire – and particularly the Monadnock Region – has one of the highest National alcohol consumption rates per capita, this includes our youth aged 12-17. The YMCA Community Coalition and the Monadnock Youth Coalition were formed to help provide comprehensive prevention services and help promote positive asset building activities for youth in our community in an effort to reduce Youth substance abuse.

Our goal is to help create a nurturing, inclusive community for youth to learn, grow, build resiliency, and make healthy life choices especially regarding substance use.

Positive Youth Programs

Positive Youth Programs are crucial in helping our Youth develop the skills and assets needed to thrive as community members and adults.

We have worked with the many amazing Youth serving organizations of Keene and Swanzey to bring you this comprehensive resources guide, in hopes that it will provide users the information needed to connect with those opportunities.

Partners & Resources

The Monadnock Youth Coalition and the YMCA Community Coalition are part of a Drug Free Communities program that brings partners from key sectors of the community together. By working in concert with each other we can gain a better understanding of our communities problems and coordinate solutions to reduce Youth substance use.

Our Partners and Resources page highlights the many community partners involved in this effort and the resources available in our community to reduce Youth substance use.

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