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Donations to The Monadnock Youth Coalition will help to maintain and develop substance prevention programming for Youth in Keene and Swanzey, NH.
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Become an Adult Member

Become a Member or Volunteer with our Coalition. The YMCA Community Coalition holds open meetings monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month 3-4pm. The location of these meetings varies. Members can also serve on different committees and are representative of 12 key community sectors; Youth, Parents, Law Enforcement, Youth serving Organizations, Government, Religion, Healthcare, Substance Abuse Professionals, Schools, Business, Civic / Volunteers, and Media. 

Becoming an adult member of our coalition is a wonderful way to give back to the communities of Keene and Swanzey while also supporting teens in their work toward prevention of alcohol and tobacco use.  To learn more about becoming an adult member and supporting the teens that are active in prevention reach out to Meghan Marcucci, the Coalition Director at the contact below.

Meghan Marcucci

Get Involved with Our Youth Group

The Monadnock Youth Coalition hosts a youth group that meets Tuesday at Monadnock High School and Wednesday at Keene High School on a weekly basis. The goal of this group is to eventually have youth to youth learning across the Keene and Swanzey communities. Our youth are currently learning about alcohol and nicotine/tobacco prevention. This group offers leadership opportunities to youth with positions such as scribe, coordinators, and recruiters.

This group also provides fun incentives to teens that are active and engaged in activities. The Monadnock Youth Coalition hosts Kahoot events, hikes, and field trips to places like Camp Takodah. The group also co-hosts Teen Night Out events at the YMCA, as well as the annual YouthFest in October. The Monadnock Youth Coalition is inclusive to all races and sexual orientation and strives to be a safe space for all. For more information about events or meetings, contact Kristle Sylvester, the Coalition Coordinator at:

Kristle Sylvester

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