MYC’s 1st Annual Big Game Party

MYC hosted their 1st annual Big Game Party event to watch the Super Bowl this past Sunday at the Keene Family YMCA.

MYC hosted their first Big Game Party event with the Keene Family YMCA this past Sunday, sponsored by Welnak Dental. The Super Bowl was projected onto a big blow up screen for all to watch. Pizza was donated by Athens Pizza and Pizza Pie and snacks were provided by MYC.

Roughly 30 people came to the event to watch football, play games and eat some free food. Some adults were playing with the card games, and the kids seemed really excited to play with the legos and other games that were set up. Friends and community members talked with each other, shared some laughs while watching the funny commercials, and were able to just connect with each other in a relaxed, fun environment.

The hope will be to continue building on this event and making it even better next year. According to statistics, cases of drunk driving and domestic violence rise on the night of the Super Bowl. MYC’s mission is to combat these and provide the community an option to watch the game in a family-friendly, substance-free environment.

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