The Monadnock Youth Coalition’s Reward or Reminder Program

In this article The Monadnock Youth Coalition summarizes their reward/reminder program.

The Keene Family YMCA Community Coalition along with The Monadnock Youth Coalition performed their first ever Reward or Reminder program at some of the convenience stores located in Keene, NH. 

The program was conducted in partnership with The Keene Police Department.  The program Reward or Reminder is designed to be a compliance check without the need for the physical presence of a police officer. 

A community volunteer Melissa Kubacka was asked to go into stores. Once in the store Melissa  asked to buy tobacco products a teen would normally buy such as JUUL Pods, Puff Bars, or cigarettes.  Upon asking to purchase the product if the store clerk asked for an ID they would receive a reward.  If they did not ask for an ID they would receive a reminder that selling to minors is illegal. 

We had a 100% ID rate meaning that every single convenience store asked for an ID.  We were able to provide a reward card, recognition to the sales clerk, and a giftcard to businesses in the area.  Below you will find recognition of some of the local businesses, pictures of the reward and reminder cards, and recognition for our community volunteer Melissa Kubacka.


A community volunteer holding up cards

A convenience store worker

A convenience store worker

A convenience store worker

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If you have any questions about our reward or reminder program please reach out to Meghan Marcucci at  [email protected] or Peter Sebert at [email protected]

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