Monadnock Youth Coalition July Updates

The Monadnock Youth Coalition summarizes what they have worked on in the month of July in the year 2020.

The Monadnock Youth Coalition has been working diligently this past month.  We recently partnered with Dover Youth 2 Youth.  Dover Youth 2 Youth has spent years building up its youth group and working to pass state and town ordinances around alcohol and nicotine.  As a group we felt that we could learn a lot from them.  We invited them to come to one of our meetings and teach our youth some helpful presentation skills.

While they were with us they told us about their history and they explained to us some basic presentation skills.  Some of these skills included stretching your words, putting emphasis on certain words, and using emotion in your speech.  We were also able to practice a radio PSA with them.  From this meeting we took our new skills and applied them to a new radio PSA.  Currently the Monadnock Youth Coalition is working hard to practice and put together a radio PSA called “breaking up.”  It is focused on breaking up with tobacco in all of its forms and it is pointed at youth.  In the coming weeks we hope to hear our radio PSA on a local radio station.

During July we also focused on rewarding our youth.  We partnered with one of our adult coalition members Carlie Fischer to organize a day trip to Camp Takodah.  This trip was a huge success for our youth.  One of our members said that she had so many firsts during this trip like archery, kayaking, and attending a camp.  Overall it was a huge success and a nice way for us to celebrate the hard work we have all put into this group.  Here are some pictures of what we did:




youth members kayakingyouth members practicing archeryyouth members jumping off of a tower



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This article was written by Meghan Marcucci the Coalition Coordinator for the Monadnock Youth Coalition. 

For questions of comments please reach out to Meghan at [email protected]


Monadnock Youth Coalition hosts a youth group that runs every Thursday at 4pm.  Currently these meetings are all being held over Zoom. This youth group discusses prevention of alcohol and tobacco use to ages 12-17.  If you or your teen feel that this youth group would be a good fit for you, email Meghan at [email protected]


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