How to Use Hidden in Plain View – An Online Mock Teen Bedroom

Today Monadnock Youth Coalition is going to guide you through using the website HIPV or Hidden in Plain View.

This website offers a unique tool that can be quite helpful to parents concerned about their child. This website allows you to search through a mock teen bedroom. This bedroom however is riddled with hidden drugs, alcohol, and various paraphernalia all disguised to be something else.

The first step to accessing this tool is clicking the link provided here full-experience.

This link will bring you to a website that shows a teens bedroom. There are four different areas that you can search through. There is a bookcase, desk, bed, and a dresser to look through. All locations hold a variety of contraband products. If you click on the first location, the bookcase you will be able to start to click on different objects and see how they can be used in different ways. Some objects will be decoys, but others like the books and balloons will represent serious threats potentially to your child’s health. The book labeled Conrad can be clicked on to reveal that a hole is cut out of the middle of the book. From a quick glance this book looks completely normal, but further investigation shows that it is a secretive hiding space. The deflated balloons, noted by the website, “can be used as inhalant paraphernalia by spraying propellant into a balloon and then inhaling from it.” On the bottom right of the dresser there is a flatiron. Clicking on this flatiron will reveal a video that shows you the process of pressing marijuana plants into wax or oil. This drastically increases the potency of marijuana when inhaled.

The next place to search is the desk. The desk much like the bookcase is littered with various objects all looking particularly ordinary at a quick glance. One thing to note quickly is the slim stick that is awkwardly sticking out of the MacBook computer. This again from a quick uneducated glance looks just like a flash drive. It is a JUUL, a vape that can be smoked and easily hidden. JUUL’s have high concentrations of nicotine which can be dangerous to teens developing brains. The smoking of e-cigarettes before the full development of an adolescent brain puts teens at a higher risk of becoming addicted to cigarettes. The computer mouse also represents an unseen hiding spot. If clicked on, the website will show you that the computer mouse actually is a hidden scale that can be used to measure out small amounts of drugs, potentially powders or pills. On the middle shelf there is a can called a duster that can be used as an inhalant along with many other chemicals that come in bottles like these.

Moving on to the third location, the bed, you can see many things on the grounds and posters on the walls. Starting with the posters they can easily be marked as “420 friendly.” There is a green license plate that says 420 on it and a poster of the Mona Lisa smoking a joint. On the ground there are shirts that have drug references. The flip flops open up to again become a secret compartment for storing small drugs such as pills. All of these objects are clues that your teen might be hiding something from you in plain sight.

The last location is the dresser. There are contact lenses, a bra, cans, containers, shoelaces, a lipstick container, and more. Some of these represent hidden compartments and others like the shoelaces could be used “as a tourniquet for intravenous drug use.” All of these four locations include important items and references to be aware of. As a parent of a teen it is so important to stay up to date on teen culture. Drug and tobacco culture has changed so much over the years. References to things like “dabs” may be unheard of to some older generations, but it is prevalent to marijuana users and can represent an extreme danger to youth with undeveloped brains. We encourage you to go through this website and even potentially take the extra step and go through it with your teen. The first step to breaking the stigma towards drug use is having a conversation. Establishing dialogue before a problem presents itself will make communication so much easier down the road when problems may present themselves.

Here are some websites to access if you chose to start a conversation with your

We hope you found this article helpful

This article was written by Meghan Marcucci the Coalition Coordinator for the Monadnock Youth Coalition.
This article was based off of the Mock Teen Bedroom designed and created by the website
For questions of comments please reach out to Meghan at [email protected]

The Monadnock Youth Coalition hosts a youth group that runs every Thursday at 4pm. Currently these meetings are all being held over Zoom. This youth group discusses prevention of alcohol and tobacco use to ages 12-17. If you or your teen feel that this youth group would be a good fit for you, email Meghan at [email protected]

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